Personal Life

My name is Ahmad, and I am a computer scientist and a robotics engineer. The titles that you have read, these are not titles that I have selected myself, rather, they have been inferred upon me by the completion of my formal education and the acquisition of a wide spectrum of skillset that allows me to make this claim 🤷‍♂️ I love my work which is why I take pride in it. I have been working with computers, since the age of 3 ! Growing up in Dubai, I have always been tech-savvy, trying to hack and reverse engineer anything I could find.

👨‍🎓 My higher education was based on Information and Communication Technology, and Mathematics . This was followed by a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Troy State University in Alabama, USA. Fast-Forward. Currently, I am on the verge of completing my thesis, in a Masters programme of 'Robotics and Intelligent Machine Engineering' from National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

I have always been interested in human intelligence. 🙇 Using introspection, I have modelled my own cognition and metacognition into the framework of a cognitive architecture. I have coupled this with reading Philosophy, research in Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology. Ultimately, it has led me to my passion of developing Artificial General Intelligence.

I am currently working on:

🧠 Artificial Intelligence:
- Working on RL algorithms for decision-making. (Q-Learning)
- Using OpenCV to develop 'Perception' for AGI agents, using traditional vision methods and ML.
- Semantic, multi-level representation for 'Perception' within an agent's memory.
- Developing a dynamic Knowledge Representation and Reasoning module using Hypergraphs.
- Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithm approach to converge on solutions.
I am working on building an AGI framework for robots and software agents

💹 Machine Learning:
- Memory-based string generation using LSTM cell in RNNs
- Real-time object detection using TensorFlow
- Developed a novel architecture for Image classification using CNNs
- Under work: Human-level, vision-based, Perception.

🤖 Robotics:
- Nao v5 (Physical/Simulated): behaviour planning, SLAM
- Reem-C (Simulated): developing cogntive behaviour
- Using ROS and Gazebo to make simulated robots
- Research for construction of biologically inspired humanoids

Research and Developments

Working on these projects is hectic as it is, and leaves me little time to present it on multiple platforms. I am working on uploading my work here to present it nicely :)


A ROS-based cognitive architecture written in Python. This is for robots to transcend their current level of intelligence.

Deep Learning

DL can be used towards development of Artificial General Intelligence.

Other Work

Github Repos, might not be the latest completed versions. Sorry, I know it is displeasing :)

Thanks for visiting !

At the moment I am writing a research paper to propose my cognitive architecture framework. Alongside this, I keep up with advances in Robotics and implement new Deep Learning techniques. I believe DNNs can be collectively used to model human cognition. I work alone at the moment, and am looking for a stable platform to continue research and development on a larger scale. Do you have questions ? Want to collaborate on a project ?